Have you ever heard of the “Witch Wound”? Maybe you’ve seen the t-shirts that state.….

“We are the granddaughters of the witches that they couldn’t burn!”

Most women are born with this ‘Witch Wound’, a deeply embedded fear of publicly voicing their thoughts, opinions, beliefs for fear that something terrible will happen to them if they do. But why do we feel this way? Denise Duffield Thomas talks about this in her book ‘Chillpreneur’. For centuries, millions of women have been persecuted for speaking up or even if they were thought to be speaking up by their communities. They were scalped, hung, burnt, drowned and tortured for stepping out of line. As the daughters of the survivors, we carry these wounds deep within our genetics and if you believe in past lives (as I do) then maybe you even experienced it.

How does this affect us in the modern day? 

Well…. This means we are too afraid to speak up, to spread our message and to share our gifts and talents with the world. WE DON’T FEEL SAFE sharing with the world. We post very little, if even anything, on social media that may be out of sink with the status quo. We don’t share our innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs for fear of ridicule or being seen as ‘weird’. We don’t discuss our practices with other people (e.g. use of crystals, incense, moon cycles, rituals etc. etc. Ok…. A little ‘witchy’ I know!). We conceal information about the ‘spiritual’ courses we attend from family and friends (Why for the love of God?). We may even get physical symptoms such as a tightening of the throat or constriction of the chest when asked to voice our opinion or talk about any of the above.

Has that ever happened to you?

Ultimately though, we stay small, we stay hidden and worst of all, we rob the world of our absolute awesomeness.

I personally have suffered from the witch wound for years and it is a block that has held me back in infinite ways. I have experienced the physical symptoms countless times in numerous situations. I avoided social media like the freakin’ plague! When I started teaching yoga, I was so afraid to post even my weekly class schedule, let alone a picture of myself in yoga pose (I still have a problem with this!) or my core beliefs. I have been to numerous healers to help me remove this ‘block’ and definitely in the past year, it’s been something I have been working on very deeply.

9 months ago I started to work with the community I am currently involved in (The SFM) and as part of the learning process we need to participate in something called the 90 day video journey. In the 90 DVJ (as we lovingly call it :-)) you must record and post 90 videos over 90 days or as close to 90 days as you can manage. 

Of course as a ‘Witch Wound’ sufferer this freakin’ terrified me. What the hell was I going to talk about for 90 days. Is this safe? Am I safe? Will people I know be able to see me? All these crazy thoughts were running through my mind.

As I started into the journey and got past the first few awkward videos, I started to settle into the process. I started to share about myself. I started to make connections and friends and sharing began to get easier and easier. I even spoke about the ‘Witch Wound’ in one of my early videos and you know what? Nothing happened. I wasn’t burnt. I wasn’t hung or tortured. I wasn’t persecuted in any way. I was safe. It was ok for me to speak my truth to other people. And not only was it ok but other people could relate and they commented with their own experiences. It was mind blowing. 

My confidence in talking about myself and innermost thoughts became, not just easy but second nature. I felt released. Like someone had let me out of a prison and now, I not only want to share more but I want to help others to do the same. The 90 DVJ is really powerful because you break down the old fear based belief patterns and start to replace them with ones of connection, trust and ultimately safety in speaking your truth.

Have you been experiencing the ‘Witch wound’?

Are you ready to break those shackles?

Don’t rob the world of your gifts and talents.

We are here to THRIVE.

If you want to know more about the 90 day video journey DM me for further details. 

If you are interested in Denise Duffield Thomas’s book Chillpreneur follow the link below:

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