How do you want to feel about your business?

How do you want to feel about your business?

Do you want to be inspired, energised, motivated, clear?

Or do you want to feel blocked, overwhelmed, exhausted, and close to burnout?

Building a business from a place of alignment is about aligning with your soul, your unique energy, and the universal laws.


So why do we do this?

Let’s be honest…. Nothing good comes from a place of stress, burnout, and overwhelm.

Think about the times when you have felt stressed and overwhelmed in your business, what was your energy like? How did you feel in your body? Were you inspired? Did you feel uncomfortable about what you were doing or sharing? What response did you get from your people?

I’ve been building my business since early 2020 and initially it was all easy because I was building it alongside my full-time job but when I went full time at my business I started to slip into old patterns of I must work harder, I must get up earlier, I must do more, be more. I felt I was never doing enough.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and was suffering badly from anxiety and was really feeling uninspired and everything felt forced and lacking joy.

At the end of the year, I was like ok….. Enough is enough…. This is not what I want for my life or business.

I’m an energetic being who is passionate about self-love and self-care and filling your cup so that you can support others but I’m currently the complete opposite of everything I stand for.

I was in fact fully embodying all of the energies that my ideal clients were actually experiencing rather than what they wanted to experience and who can you help from that space?

Energy is paramount to building your business. Believe me when I say everyone feels your energy and you want to be damn sure that everything you put out into the world comes from a place of excitement and joy or people will feel that joylessness or lack of integrity and they won’t want to be associated with you, let alone work with you or buy from you.

It’s all energy….

Everything is energy. And how we communicate and interact with the world is all energy. When you speak, people, either consciously or unconsciously feel your energy before they hear your words and if your words and energy feel misaligned you feel that straight away (Queue sleazy car salesman).

As a yoga teacher,  a channel and law of attraction coach, I have a keen interest in and deep understanding of energy on both the metaphysical and scientific levels, and what I realized is that when building your business it is imperative that we do this from a place of alignment for 3 main reasons.

3 big reasons to come into alignment

There are 3 big reasons why we want to come into alignment:

Firstly, so that you build from a soul-aligned, soul-led, inspired, creative space that you feel proud and excited to share from

Secondly, so that you work with the Law of Attraction to attract what you truly want into your life.

Thirdly, so that you reverse engineer the law of attraction and allow your soul mate clients to magnetize you into their field.

In summary – IAM:

  1. I – Inspire
  2. A – Attract
  3. M – Magnetize


Nothing good ever can from overwhelm, stress and burnout.

As a soul-led entrepreneur, business owner the biggest asset in your business is you!

And I imagine your greatest mission is to serve others to the best of your ability?

You probably want to build a business that feels really good to you, am I right?

I repeat… Nothing good ever came from a place of stress and overwhelm.

I firmly believe that when your own cup is so full that it’s overflowing, you can truly serve others from the highest possible level.

And we want to live and work from an inspired soul-led place.

We want to feel super excited and pumped about what we are creating and sharing with the world.

We want our courses and content to be infused with high vibrational energy that our clients can really feel when we communicate with them.

Therefore, we must take care of our needs first and take the time before we start our day to bring ourselves into alignment.

But what is this I hear you ask? Well, honestly it’s different for everyone…

Ask yourself – What do I love to do that truly lights me up? And makes me feel really happy and inspired?

Maybe it’s Meditation, yoga, beach walks, getting on a bike, reading something inspiring or a cheesy novel, watching a comedy, etc. Whatever it gets you into that space of joy.

My biggest recommendation to journal but using journal prompts to do this.

The journal prompts that I use to get me into this space is “what would it feel like to live from flow”.

Flow for me is the absolute antithesis of burnout and overwhelm. When I write how it feels in the present tense I get to completely shift the energy in my body. This is an amazing tool to clear anxiety also and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

When we use journal prompts like this that get you into that place of joy, of excitement, inspiration, expansion, spaciousness you are literally writing or affirming that into your reality and it’s from this space from which we want to connect, communicate and create.

As entrepreneurs, getting to this space this energy is your number one job even if it means doing nothing for a day but taking care of yourselves.

Download the free journal prompt worksheet

2. A – Attract

This is using the law of attraction to manifest what you truly desire for your life, business, health, wealth, happiness etc.

I’ve created a whole course on the power of using affirmations to create transformational change in your life but let me just explain how the LoA on a scientific level.

As airy-fairy as I might seem one of my greatest passions is when east meets west by that I mean eastern mystical philosophy meets modern Science.

The Science behind the Law of attraction states…..

By combining our thoughts (affirmations) and our emotions, we have the power to affect the Quantum Field and draw to us that which we desire which is already a possibility within the Quantum field.

You can discover more about this in my course but ultimately, we attract the frequency we put out into the field. Thought plus emotion.

Another part of my daily journaling practice is ‘writing my reality’. This is affirming to the universe that which we desire.

By writing it out we connect with the energy of what we desire. Which is usually the energy of excitement, joy, gratitude, and love which are the highest on the emotional scale, these are elevated emotions.

And according to Quantum Physics it’s thought plus elevated emotion that makes us magnetic to what we desire and when we are magnetic then we come into alignment.

Our affirmations are thoughts because we think as we write and the desires we write elicit these elevated emotions So by doing this practice we combine thought and elevated emotion to emit a frequency into the field and align with the energy of what we desire.

What are you doing exactly?

You are writing your desired reality as if it’s already happened.

For example: I am a successful soul led entrepreneur. I am earning £5000 per month easily and effortlessly. I am living and working from a place of pure joy and inspiration. I make the best decisions from a place of absolute clarity. Life is easy, business is easy. All my courses are infused with magnetic energy and I magnetise my beautiful soulmate clients to me

Why would you do this and what does this have to do with Alignment?

By doing this practice you are aligning your energy with the energy of what you desire. 

What are my biggest recommendations?

I recommend making statements in the present tense….. I am etc….

I also recommend repeating the affirmations to yourself or out loud to embed the thoughts in and get them on a loop in your brain.

You can also do this practice to music.

Affirmations work best if it feels achievable in the now or very near future. I’m a millionaire is not helpful when it feels very far from the truth.


As I explained the LoA is we attract what we think so let’s reverse engineer this from the point of view of our clients.

What do our ideal clients most desire?

What do they want in their life?

How do they want to feel?

By the power of the Law of attraction, what would happen if we were to fully embody the energy of what our clients truly desire?

They would magnetize us into their field.

By embodying the energy they desire we become magnetic to them.

I call this – Soul Aligned Magnetic Marketing

I have always felt that Marketing is the law of attraction in action and this is how we really work with the universal to do the marketing for your business. 

You must make it your job to practice everyday embodying the energy they desire.

It helps a lot if this is also the energy you desire. 

I journal on this as well asking this very question.

What is the energy my soul mate clients desires?

What do I need to do to feel that now?

Building your business from a place of alignment is all about YOU. 

You getting into the energy of

  • Flow, Inspiration
  • Your desired reality
  • Your ideal customers desired reality

As I said, nothing good ever comes from burnout and overwhelm.

It’s our job to bring ourselves into alignment before we do anything else in our business. 

It’s our job to fill our cup so full that it’s overflowing and so we can truly serve at the highest levels.

Bu incorporating these practices into my life and business on a daily basis, I feel inspired, joyful, connected, and aligned with what my soul wants as opposed to what I think I want. I know I teach and serve from a better place and a far more inspired space.

Hope this helps you too! ❤

Don’t forget to download the free pdf worksheet with all the journal prompts I use to bring myself into alignment in these 3 ways…. I A M! 

Sending you so much love for your journey!

Big hug,

Niamh x


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