Do you know when your life is out of balance?

Do you know when something is ‘out of balance’ in your life? How does that show up for you? Do you find it easy to make the necessary changes?⁠

BALANCE is one of the keywords of my life. It’s one of my core values and is something I strive for in all areas of life.⁠

When I’m ‘out of balance’ everything just seems off-kilter. Nothing works right. I just feel completely ‘off’, if you know what I mean? ⁠ ⁠ And when that happens, I know either I am or something is, misaligned in my life.⁠

And when something is misaligned, you know that SOMETHING MUST CHANGE, right?⁠

misalignment leaves clues!

What I have found is that ‘Misalignment’ or feeling out of balance leaves clues and in my yoga business, this showed up as me:⁠

????Feeling exhausted;⁠
????Having digestive issues (despite a super healthy diet!)⁠
????Not sleeping well due to things on my mind;⁠
????Amongst other things…..⁠ ⁠ And the reasons for this were:⁠
????Teaching more classes than I could manage;⁠
????Not having enough time for personal practice;⁠
????Finding myself worried about money (All the time!????).

I knew I couldn’t continue like this, I knew I needed to make change! ⁠

This is where strength comes in……

Change is not easy, as I’m sure you will agree! CHANGE REQUIRES lots of STRENGTH! ⁠Whether that be, mental or physical strength. It’s clear that…..

We need STRENGTH to create change and we need change to return to BALANCE!

For me personally, it took a lot of strength to create the changes I needed to make in my life and career. The changes I needed to make in order to return to a sense of balance and well being. ⁠

This is why I feel our yoga practice is so powerful!

In its subtlety, it prepares us for those times when we need to make ‘change’.

Our practice is so powerful……


Our practice helps us!

It helps us build both the physical and the mental strength, to make the changes that we need to make in order to return to that point of equilibrium….. That point of balance!

As yogi’s, I feel we are primed and ready to create change. However, the problem often is that we simply don’t know what changes to make!

Are you feeling out of balance in your life or yoga business? ⁠ Do you feel you need to a make a  change but not sure how?

Then Hit the button below to book a FREE CALL with me so we can discuss:

  1. What issues you are having in your yoga business;
  2. Where you need to make changes;
  3. What options are available to you to make those changes most effectively.

So that my lovely, you can confidently make the changes you need to make and start moving forward fearlessly to create the life and yoga business you have been dreaming of!

I truly believe that WE ARE HERE TO THRIVE and that YOU my dear Yogini deserve to live a life that is fulfilled on all levels.

The greatest level of service I can offer you (if you will allow me) is to share with you, all the tools and resources I have learned to help you to grow your Yoga Business and your income and help you to create the life you have been dreaming of.

Sending you love and light for your journey!


Niamh x



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