“To be a NO LIMIT PERSON is the concept of taking your life in your own hands and being whoever you choose to be and understanding that everything that comes your way, is an opportunity, a blessing” ~Wayne Dyer

Have you ever experienced one of those days or weeks when every possible negative thought and limiting belief you could possibly think about yourself rear their ugly head?

Days when you are so hard on yourself, that you feel yourself tumbling head long into a dark hole?

Maybe it comes after a period of consecutive ‘perceived’ failures, or a really busy time in your life or sometimes you just wake up with the weight of the world on your shoulders and you just can’t shake off the way you are feeling.

Have you experienced this?


This was me this week!

Following the launch of our collaborative book ‘There She Glows’ when I ‘should’ have been feeling an immense high, I was instead experiencing an immense low.

It felt like every limiting belief and negative emotion I have ever experienced in my life came back up to the surface to be seen again.

I am not good enough. (Shame) Who am I to do this? (Fear) Am I wrong to do this? (Guilt) I shouldn’t have said this. (Guilt) I wrote this badly. (Shame) Have I embarrassed myself? (Shame). Have I hurt people? (Fear). What will people think of me? (Fear of judgment). I could have done a much better job (perfectionism). Etc……..

Now I don’t know about you but dealing with one limiting belief at a time is bad enough, but a whole host of them coming at you together is enough to send even the strongest person down the road screaming.

What is interesting though is that I thought I had dealt with most of these beliefs over the past many years and especially this year 2020.

But Oh No…. Here they were again coming roaring at me like a blinking tidal wave causing intense anxiety and my pattern of feeling like I can’t ‘breathe’.


Another level another devil……

Have you heard of the expression:

“Another level, another devil”?

It took me 3 days to figure out that this is it. (Crickey!)

If you have been following my posts on social media or my blogs, you have probably heard me talking about Louise Hay’s affirmation to release yourself from the binds of self-judgment and low self-worth – ” I approve of myself.”

This AMAZING affirmation has helped me clear so much of the lower density of negative self-talk and helped me to open up and publicly share on social media or in email, something I really struggled with before embarking on my digital journey.

And now with the release of the book, I feel I’ve gone one step further and launched myself out into the world in a way that honestly, made me feel sick to my stomach. And definitely felt like another devil.


I felt sick to my stomach……

No limit people accept who they are…..

Wayne Dyer always seems to show up in my life at the right times and by that I mean, I just happen to read something in one of his books or I see something on Youtube that resonates so deeply with what I am experiencing. And as if right on cue, this morning while listening to him on Youtube, Wayne said:

“No limit people are people who accept who they are and don’t tell themselves they are deficient or wrong or incapable in any way. They believe in themselves”

I want to be NO LIMIT PERSON I thought to myself!

Wayne then went on to say:

“If you concern yourself with what other people think of you then you are saying is that what they think of you is more important than what YOU think of you.”

This brought me back to Louise Hay’s affirmation and made me think…

If you want to be a NO LIMIT PERSON then why are you seeking the approval of others?

First ask: Do I approve of myself?

Another level, another devil! And here it was again, APPROVAL OF MYSELF as the key to unlocking the truth of my pain.




Are you ready to become a NO LIMIT PERSON?

So instead of listening to the thoughts in my head…..

Today, I am choosing to again approve of myself regardless of what mistakes I have made. And I am choosing to live as a NO LIMIT PERSON, who is taking her life in her hands and seeing everything that comes her way as an opportunity and a blessing.

How about you?

Are you facing another devil?

Are you ready to instead become a NO LIMIT PERSON?

Are you ready to be who you choose, take your life in your hands and see everything that comes your way as an opportunity?

If so, then this affirmation is for you…

Go on… Say it!


Happy Sunday Bella,

All my love,

Niamh xx

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